Update on the Coronavirus's Impact on Guam

In response to the increasing numbers of Coronavirus cases on Guam, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero recently placed the island back into Pandemic Condition of Readiness 1, which is the most restrictive Condition.  We will remain in this Condition at least until September 4th.

Non-essential businesses are closed.  Most government offices are operating on a very limited basis.  The Guam courthouse is largely closed to the public, although some emergency hearings are permitted using video conferencing.

Of course, the key question most of you reading this notice have is: “What impact will this have on my desire to pursue a Guam 7-day residency divorce?”  The good news is that although our Court’s functions are limited, we are still able to file new cases.  So, consent domestic matters, like 7-day residency divorces, will continue to be processed.  The bad news of course is the fact that international travel has become extremely difficult.

Also, under Condition 1, ALL passengers arriving in Guam by air are automatically taken to a government-sponsored hotel and quarantined for 14 days.  On the bright-side, under current regulations, Guam pays for the hotel and food expenses. (Three meals a day are provided).

The time spent in quarantine counts toward the 7-day residency needed to qualify for a Guam 7-day residency divorce.  You can depart Guam after you’ve completed the 7-day stay.  You do NOT have to stay for the entire 14 days.  I have had a few clients come to Guam during this pandemic and, so far, it has worked out satisfactorily.

Under these conditions, understandably, your pursuit of a Guam divorce may be delayed.  However, if you are thinking about the possibility of pursuing a Guam 7-day residency divorce, I encourage you to contact my office sooner rather than later.  I can at least provide you with important information and the necessary worksheet.  Together we can plan an appropriate strategy for your situation.  After all, eventually, this unfortunate situation will get better.

If you are interested in learning more about a Guam 7-day residency divorce, please contact me via email at: or call my office at 1-671-472-8472.  Be safe!"