Name Changes


Who can get a "name change" and for what reason?

Any Guam resident can petition the court for a name change.

If the person desiring to change his name is under 18, then either one of the parents or a legal guardian must file the petition for the minor. There are many reasons people want to change their names. Some women who were divorced did not opt to have their maiden name restored in the final decree and now wish to return to their maiden name. Sometimes if a person moves here from a foreign country, he may wish to have a more western sounding name. A judge usually does not care about the reason for the name change as long as the purpose of the name change is not to avoid creditors.


What is the process for obtaining a name change?

The person must file a Petition for Name change with the Superior Court. The Petition must include the place of birth, the residence of the person, his or her present name, the new proposed name, and the reason for the name change. If a minor is requesting a name change, the petition must include the name of both parents. Once a hearing date is set by the court, a copy of the notice of the petition and the hearing date must be posted in three public places in Hagatna and three public places in the person's home village. The notice must be published for at least four weeks prior to the hearing. Anyone who is objecting to the name change can appear and voice the grounds for their objection. The judge will then decide on whether to grant the name change.

How much will a name change cost?

The legal fee is $895, the court fees are $320, and the posting fee is $75, for a total of $1,290*. This fee includes the preparation of the necessary court documents, the posting of the name change hearing, and one court hearing. Notary fees are extra.

* If you pay by credit card there is a 3 1/2% processing fee. If you pay by wire transfer there is a $15 processing fee.

How can I get started with my name change?

Simply click on the "Name Change Worksheet" button and complete the form. It is important that you fill the worksheet out completely. Once you have completed the worksheet, call my office at 472-8472 and set up an appointment for a consultation.  The consultation fee is $75 for up to 30 minutes.  Be sure to bring the worksheet with you and a copy of the birth certificate for the person desiring to get a name change. Without a worksheet, I will not be able to meet with you.  >Click here to get started with a worksheet


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